Things aren’t all bad. I suppose I need to remember on my grumpiest days that I still have very, very many things for which to be thankful.  And so, a quick sanity list:

1. I have truly wonderful friends.

I currently only have one roll of photos on my computer, so all other friends: RELAX, I love you, too.

2. My silly, annoying, crazy, quirky pets that love me because they have no choice.

Miss Mia

Boring George

3. I have TWO jobs… both frustrating at times…. both rewarding, overall. (Babysitting these munchkins being one of them)

Jack, Tom, Sam, Will on cuteness overload.

And of course many other blessings that I currently don’t have photographic proof of, therefore rendering them a bit too boring to post, but nevertheless equally as important (family, shelter, food, health, etc.)

Oh, AND the fact that despite the Apple people telling it would be a week without my computer… four days later I am happily typing away on my couch, on my very well running computer (that I am very fortunate to have). I’ll try to ignore the monstrous amount of money I had to shell out to to achieve said functionality. (deep breath and count to ten…)

Phew. Okay, I feel a little better.
Bad weeks are normal. But things are still good.