“Nom, nom, nom. Mmmm Chck-fil-a was just fabulous today. They really got those nuggets just right this time. Am I slurping my drink? Sorry. I’m just sooo thirsty. I guess it’s empty, I should throw it away. Oh hey, my foot is asleep–”
:: weight gives way on my completely dead leg and I catch myself on a nearby table ::
“Whoaaaa, my foot is really asleep, ha!”
::walk another step until numb foot twists to the side unobligingly; I keep from falling into a pile on the floor by grabbing someone’s chair::
“My foot is REALLY asleep, y’all.”
:: Cautiously travel back across room with aide of stationary objects before falling into a heap in my chair ::

As I look around the room and try to get the blood moving in my tingling leg, I see my co-workers’ attention fixed on me with equal parts amusement and WTF. I think they missed me. They probably got waayyy too many things accomplished without me.