Today when my anesthesiologist showed up at the side of my little bed on wheels thing, he pleasantly chatted with me and answered my questions until he was interrupted by his pager. “One moment, please,” he said, and then he walked around to the other side of my curtain and the following dialogue ensued:

Anesthesiologist: Hey! Trey! Can you go do a labor epidural for me?
Trey: Me?
Anesthesiologist: Yeah, I was just paged about it. Can you do it for me? I’m with another patient right now.
Trey: I mean… I’ve given a labor epidural once… yeah, okay, sure.

I believe the emotion I was looking for was horror at the idea of some mother-to-be being given an epidural by someone who had “given one once”, but thanks to the relaxant a nurse shot into my IV, instead I just broke out into a fierce set of giggles.

Hospitals are actually quite wonderful.