Today is your lucky day, folks.

So waaaaaayyyy back in August, I had a little meltdown about my room and promised to put up pictures once I’d salvaged as much as I could. SIX MONTHS LATER, I am finally making The Room Post. Hello, my name is Josie and I have a problem with procrastination.

So, as you are about to see, my room is still very, very red. But it’s grown on me. Not that I’ll ever do it again. But, for now, it suits me. So, if you will, please follow me to The Red Room.

The Dressing Room
(This is where I stand in the morning and stare in disgust at the dearth of adorable clothing and plethora of empty hangers. Yes, that is a cat apartment in the back. George needs his own classy, carpeted place, too)

The Library:
(Any potentially perceived inappropriate innuendos mounted on my walls are always gifts from none other than my dear friend and co-2601-dweller, Leisel)

The Boudoir:
(And the comforter that started it all. Oh, and don’t let the dog bed fool you. Mia worms her way under my organic, pin-tucked covers every night, the spoiled, manipulative cuddle-whore.)

The Armoire:
(Stuffed to the gills with more sorority t-shirts than I ever remember purchasing– is anyone else familiar with this phenomenon?)

The Art Gallery:
(The only damn poppies you will find in this entire room.)

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please come by and visit sometime… around October 2010…bring some white Kilz primer and get ready to paint it all back with me.

It’ll be a party, promise.