Is it too soon to make New Year’s resolutions? Because it hit me at some point in the past week or so that there are some changes I want to make. The real list I made is actually ridiculously long and generally unattainable, so I narrowed it down for now to just a few things. Primarily: eat healthier (i.e: actual, real food) and keep my living space tidy. I feel like it’s a good start. So observe:

Today I ate two clementines (real food!) and cereal for breakfast; washed, ironed, and folded my laundry (confession: still in process); completed about half a yoga workout (that stuff is boring, GEEZ); and ate some baby carrots (VEGETABLES, jigga what?!) with my lunch today.

Basically, I am a health guru, domestic goddess, and just generally have my life together.

Tonight, me and my Peanuts girls (I’ll explain some other time) are baking and decorating Christmas cookies, drinking Dirty Shirleys, sticking clementines full of cloves for pretty-smelling ornaments, and playing Peanuts, of course. ¬†So that will undo most of what I accomplished today (and then some), but I’m still pretty amazingly excited.

It will have to be “baby steps” with this entire get-my-life-together thing.