About three o’clock in the morning, just as I was suiting up in a bulletproof vest and about to go help out the FBI, I heard the telltale signs of Mia getting ready to yak all over my comforter. While her timing was perfect (really, my subconscious should know better than to put me in such dangerous dream sequences) being jolted awake under such circumstances was unpleasant, to say the least. I tossed Mia to the floor just in time. Relieved I avoided disaster, I jumped out of bed to turn on the lights and assess the damage.

Out of the ENTIRE clean floor… there was ONE of my brown boots (a staple this time of year) on the floor. Leather. With the zipper open.

One guess where Mia got sick. Oh yes. Inside the boot and out.

Mia’s fine. Just did it for kicks, I guess. But IN my boot! Cloth, padded lining! The leather outside is hardly stained, but I just don’t know if I can slide my foot inside again. You can’t unsick a boot. I just don’t think you can.

:: imaginary scenario in my head ::
“Josie, what’s that smell?”
“Residual vom. In my boot. Only when it gets hot, though. In the cold you can’t smell it.”

Uh, no.

And Murphy’s Law sticks it to me again. *shakes fist at the sky*