Monday night:

5 PM: I need to clean my room and pack tonight so I can get on the road early tomorrow…
11 PM …I’ll go to bed early tonight and get a good night’s rest… then clean and pack tomorrow…

Tuesday morning:

6 AM: The cleaning can wait until after Thanksgiving. I’ll sleep another hour, then pack.
9 AM: Ugh, fine.
9:15: Why, hello irate customer sending me an email that’s not in my department. Ooh… white hot rage, my favorite.
9:20: I guess I should answer this. Might as well make breakfast, too.
10:30: There. If this email doesn’t work some magic, this lady has a heart of stone. Might as well call me “the diffuser.”
10:35: I’ll just shove the clothes on the floor in the duffel and I’ll do laundry at home. Packing AND cleaning at once. Genius.
10:40: What is Mia chewing on?
11 AM: “Vestavia Animal Clinic? My dog just swallowed about a foot and a half of ribbon. Yes, she’s the same one who ate the pooper scooper a few months ago.”
12:30 PM: $50 to make a dog throw up? Seriously? Why?
12:45: Ooh, still throwing up…. Nothing like a little dog vomit all over my passenger seat to complete the day.
1:15 PM: I’m starving. I should at least eat lunch.
1:30: Wow, I’m drained. Should at least be well-rested before getting on the road.
Really, I can just drive to Atlanta tomorrow.
5 PM: I need to clean my room and pack tonight so I can get on the road early tomorrow…
12 AM: Wow, I’ve done hardly anything productive.…screw it.  I’m going to bed. Better to be well-rested.

I mean, how bad can traffic to Atlanta on the day before Thanksgiving be??