So… let me begin by saying I’m not exactly a Twilight gal. I don’t get it. Cold, pale, marble, forever-17-year-old vampires don’t do it for me. None of that sounds sexy to me. And at least call it what it is: it’s not a love of the ages, it’s called a co-dependent relationship.

However, when Leisel went into spasms over a New Moon preview and then turned to me and said, “You realize you’re going with me to the midnight showing, right?” I knew that I needed to pick up the books and get up to speed. I read the first book a couple years ago and wasn’t enthralled enough to continue. This time around, I read books 2 and 3 and about 1/5 of book 4. I’ll admit I sped through 2 & 3 because I enjoyed the love triangle in spite of the supreme corniness that was every bit of dialogue, but book 4 annoyed me and seemed so contrived and over the top that I gave up. Just my opinion, folks. However, with all that said, I am Team Jacob. I can take the stories for what they are and enjoy it enough. Never mind my thoughts on the writing. And Jacob is hot. It helps.

Chailoveyou asked for thoughts about the New Moon movie (I actually did end up going to the midnight showing with Leisel) and I realized I actually had thoughts about the New Moon movie. Just to prepare you, I am going to bash it a bit; however, I will say that I enjoyed this film more than the first one (thought it was super cheesy and I just don’t see all the fuss over Rob, I’m sorry),  I genuinely laughed in good humor a few times, and I pretty much squealed like every other girl over the rippling muscles that are the barely legal hunk of burnin’ love known as the werewolf love interest.

Let me say this carefully: I enjoyed the experience of going to New Moon.

Even being a Harry Potter fan, I never have been to a midnight showing of any movie. I’ve never been passionate enough about any band/movie/book/celebrity to dress in character or wait in a long line or scream myself to tears. So I enjoyed watching what it was all about. I went with Leisel and Greta–both girls love the series.

My impressions:

1) Twilight fans are fickle. The majority of the girls were wearing “Team Edward” shirts (there are two love interests, Edward and Jacob, and girls generally pick sides). However, for the duration of this movie Jacob is shirtless (LOTS of worthwhile workouts, kiddo. Thumbs up) and by the end of the movie girls have screamed and swooned themselves into love with Jacob.

2) Boyfriends hate this movie. A surprising number attended. I heard several telling their girls to get a grip. Combine jaw-dropping Jacob and that the last lines of this movie are “Marry me” …. these poor boys are pretty much hating life by the end of this movie.

3) Twilight hates Twilight. I suspect the cast and crew loathe the beast that is Twilight in spite of its being a money machine. I thought the movie was a basically a parody of itself. The musical scores were over the top and soap opera-y… everything’s overdone, over-acted. Campy to the max. But kind of artistically. I don’t think it’s like these people don’t know how to act, don’t know how to avoid being cheesy; I felt like they embraced it. I think they simply sat down and thought about how a stereotypical teenage romance cult blockbuster might be portrayed within another movie… and then made that stereotype an actual movie. I think this cast and crew basically made fun of the Twilight phenomenon the entire time, knowing girls would swoon anyway, all the while knowing they could still laugh themselves right to the bank (Mr. Werewolf I exclude from this. I think he genuinely loves every minute, the cutie-pie). I could be wrong, but watching it this way was very amusing and seemed to fit. And if that’s the case, it’s a formula that’s certainly working for them. For whatever reason.

All told, I have to say I enjoyed myself immensely. I had fun with my friends and honestly did enjoy the movie more than I thought I would. However, the going to bed at 3 AM part sucked.
And that is everything I think of New Moon.