But my surgery has to be rescheduled. The docs are guessing just in time to ruin my New Year’s. Given my round of luck the past couple of weeks, I’m not too heartbroken. Surprisingly, I am alarmingly worry free. 

In the meantime, I’m so drugged up, I be feelin’ no pain. For real. Like, I forgot to take my Tylenol last night (amid the plethora of other pills I was popping) and woke up positively soaked in sweat last night…. but oddly, only because I felt the buckets of moisture on my body and my sheets (so much moisture, in fact, I had to climb under the covers and make sure neither of my pets–or myself!–peed on my sheets. Nope. Just sweat. Yayyy!!!). But, for all that, there was no hot or sick feverish feeling. Same with when I later woke up biting my tongue. No pain, just oddly lots of pressure… oh hey, my teeth sinking into my tongue, whaddya know!! 

In the meantime, pizza and a vanilla milkshake for breakfast?? Don’t mind if I do. “Oh madre…..* ding a ling a ling *”
She loves me. As long as I wear my face mask when she enters the room. I look hottttttt!