Unfortunately, it seems the gig is up. After the 24 hours that was apparently necessary for it to sink in that I’ve brought swine flu into my parents’ home, I’ve quickly gone from pampered pet to ostracized occupant. Now that I’m feeling markedly improved, I’ve pretty much been left alone today (not that I can blame them). They’re very nearly sliding food under the door. For instance, overheard:

Ma: Jo has swine flu.
Pasco: Oh geez. She’s gonna have to have her own dishes, her own glasses…. find that potato chip  bag she got into last night, we’re gonna need to toss it.

Tonight Pasco delivered my dinner to me and then dashed away (not before getting in a little cough and saying “See? I’m getting a cough, too”). I noticed there was an individually packaged bag of chips for my personal munching pleasure. Kind of sweet in a “please don’t contaminate me” way.

Also overheard:

“Maybe we should move her into the room with the television. Come to think of it, she’s got a laptop; she’ll be fine. No need to contaminate anymore of the house than necessary.”

Ah, well. It was nice while it lasted.

(On that note, it would be pretty dangerous if my mother caught the piggy, as she has enough breathing problems as it is. She’s on Tamiflu as well, so fingers crossed this does not become the case)