So, all last week I was a shiverin’ in my socks and my long pants and my long sleeved shirts. I pulled Mia up near my face at nights for warmth. I warned Leisel and Helga– ‘I can’t take it much longer! If it’s cold another day, I might have to turn the heat on!’

Well, I cracked. I did it. I figured, hey, it’s November. It can only go down from here, temp wise. 

But, oh, hey, looks like I was wrong. Now it’s 2 AM and, my, it’s balmy in 2601. Wonder what it’s like in my roommates’ rooms? I kick my legs out from under my covers and worry about the dirty looks I might receive for exposing them to heat stroke. Hmm, what to do, what to do? I crawl out of bed and check the weather and–oh, hey, it’s supposed to be, like, 80 degrees all week! Seriously – Sunday, 76 degrees?? Which, you know, reminds me– maybe I should have checked before I turned the heat on in the first place. I know, okay? I KNOW.

Dear roomies, 

Please do not hate me for my lack of judgment. Iturnedtheairconditioningbackonbutpromisetonevertouchitagain.
From here on out, I relinquish all say in air/heat proceedings. 
For real. You will never hear me ask, “Are you cold? Warm?” again. I would be scared to.  

Buy you Yogurt Mountain and we forget this happened? It’s perfect weather for it…
If not, watch out for the guard dog. I’ve told her to keep me safe at all costs. And I know she would never sleep on the job.

Lovvvvvvee your beloved roommate (hugs and kisses, muah, muah, muah!),