So, I am completely and thoroughly intrigued by the 16 year old girl who just began her attempt to be the youngest person to sail around the world by herself. 

Like, in a boat. In the ocean. Alone. For months. Like Life of Pi, only on purpose. 

I’m sitting here trying to think what my goals were when I was 16. All that comes to mind is an image of my prep- schooled, uniformed self sitting up against some lockers with my friends, discussing how to roll or staple our uniforms skirts to just the right length (i.e: as short as possible while still managing to escape the notice of any teachers enforcing the no-shorter-than-three-inches-above-the-knee rule). If I really dig deep, I’d have to venture my biggest goal was to avoid the undesirable attentions of deemed “losers” while simultaneously vying for the attention of a football player who totally had me whipped for two years whoever I happened to be crushing on at the moment.

But if I’d wanted to, sailing around the world and breaking world records totally could have been a viable option.