I’ve been living in the same single pair of jeans for months. Months. Lots of washing, lots of wear and tear, and almost daily usage = one ragged pair of jeans. Still, I’ve been resolutely resisting the purchase of a new pair because I’m currently somewhat of a clothing budget miser (I would so much rather spend money on eating out) while simultaneously being a label & fit snob. It’s been quite the conundrum. 

Today, the heavens opened and the sun shone through. My mother offered to take me to the mall and buy me a pair of jeans. 

This is huge for the woman who stubbornly shops only at Kohls and Target. She took me to the mall and walked into the Gap and spent over $30 on a pair of jeans for me. And then, she was so intrigued by the superior fit that is found in clothing that is actually somewhat tailored that she invested in a pair for herself. 

Are all the italics conveying the level of my incredulousness? 
Seriously, whether this means my mother is possibly going crazy or not, I don’t care. This is the kind of pampering I can get used to. Meanwhile, allow me to commend Gap (which generally never has a single article of clothing that flatters me) for seriously stepping up their game and providing a well-fitting, reasonably priced pair of jeans (and adorable flats and a cardigan–seriously my mother is out of her mind and it’s fabulous). This new pair of pants may never come off of my body. Something like the old pair. Only this time I technically own two pairs of jeans and actually have the luxury to switch between the two.

Oh, the riches!