So, Pasco is a shameless sucker for the newest, shiniest, spiffiest, new-fangled thing. The iAnything, the piano that plays itself, tv’s, computers… whatever. If it’s new, if it blinks, if it’s a glimpse of the future– he wants it.

I’m used to him coming home with a new computer (bigger screen!), a new phone (Hey Jo, look at this!), or sending me three pounds of pre-cooked bacon (Already cooked! Just put it in the microwave!). But even I was caught off guard when I came home one day to discover my father had invested in a Wii. Complete with Wii Fit board and even those little boxing remotes. Everything. 

My family never played video games. We enjoyed them for a brief moment, back when there was only one Mario game and the Duck Hunt game (with the dog? LOVED it), but pretty soon my parents decided video games turned your minds into Jello and dumped it all in the trash. So I had an especially hard time accepting my father purchased an entire gaming system. I listened to my partying parents laugh and talk about Wii Snowboarding (snowboarding– another thing I never knew they knew existed) and slowly began to come to the frightening realization that perhaps my parents are becoming more hip than I am. 

Last week, a few months after the Wii shocker, I asked my parents if they were still enjoying their new toy. 

“Eh,” Pasco shrugged, “We only used it that one time. Can’t really figure the thing out.”
What. A relief. 
“If fact, Jo,” he said with a smile, “Why don’t you take it?”
…. “OKAY!”

Last night Helga, Leisel and I sat around the television and set up our Mii’s. Leisel and I tried to play a game or two and FAILED, but we had a lot of fun doing it. 

It’s so nice coming into the 21st century. I can feel my mind turning to mush as we speak. Sometimes, having my parents is awesome.