I can’t tell you where I stand politically. As a rule, I say I’m conservative, but it’s kind of like how I say Auburn is my football team of choice– I have no clue what I’m talking about. I don’t watch it on tv, I don’t read about it in the newspapers, and when people start heatedly discussing why their side is good or bad, my eyes glaze over. However, when news gets to me that “my” team has won some victory or another, I smile, nod, raise a fist and say, “Go team!”

I’ll just go ahead and say it, since you’re all thinking it anyway. I am what’s wrong with America today. And you are so right. And I would love to change that aspect about myself, except that every time I sit down to learn something about politics (or football), I get really overwhelmed by everyone yelling at each other. I become paranoid that the world is about to end and then I switch over to I Love Lucy. 

So, I preface with all that to say that what I’m about to complain about has absolutely nothing to do with politics, whatsoever. And if it does, I couldn’t tell you what side of the fence it puts me on. And if you told me, my eyes would probably start to glaze over. BUT:

As I’m sitting here this morning (supposed to be getting ready for work but blogging instead), I am listening to the rain. The rain that is predicted to coat the South for the next ten days. And I’m thinking what a bummer it is that I have to take a half day from work today just so that I can get on the road (in all that rain) and drive to Atlanta (in all that rain) JUST for a doctor’s appointment. Because I’m a Georgia peach. With Georgia peach insurance. And my Georgia peach insurance doesn’t cross state lines. And tomorrow, after my insurance sanctioned doctor visit, I will turn around (in all that rain) and drive back to Birmingham. Bada bing bada boom– my probably one hour appointment is costing me 6 hours of driving and a tank of gas. 

Am I saying I want to throw away our entire insurance system? No, I couldn’t tell you what we were throwing out. Am I saying I want whatever plan the lefties are throwing our way? No, I couldn’t tell you what they’re throwing, although by rule I’m technically against it (go team!). No, all I am saying is this one little facet of my life, this one little bit of health coverage I’m familiar with, annoys me. That’s all I’m saying. 

If I want to change this inconvenience, I can very easily. I have to get new car tags, a new license, obtain residency in Alabama, get new insurance, AND, the worst of all, give up my status as a Georgia peach. And let me just say, Georgia licenses are way prettier than Alabama licenses. So I. Don’t. Want to. But it seems I will have to and I think that stinks.

Just saying.