Last night, I decided to take a bath, turned on the water, and walked away. This is what I found when I returned:


I use my shower quite regularly and have never noticed this shade of H2O before. The flash from the camera actually makes it look a little better than it appeared in real life, but in any case, that’s not normal, right? I hope I have not been bathing in this since August and simply not noticed.  As much as I hated to waste gallons of water, I was afraid to hop in lest I contract an unidentifiable disease or watch my skin corrode.  So down the drain it went, and I simply had to forgo the relaxing bath I’d been waiting for all day during the triplets’ 3rd birthday party, my trips back and forth to the vet, and a wedding shower. At least until I figure out the problem. And when I say “until I figure out the problem,” I’m really saying,