Pasco: Hey, Jo, what’s your weekend look like?
me: Well, in about an hour I’m going to Yogurt Mountain with Helga and Leisel.
Pasco: Yogurt Mountain?
me: It’s like TCBY. Only better. 
Pasco: All you can say about your weekend is you’re going to Yogurt World?
me: Yogurt Mountain.  I babysat all weekend, and yes, now we’re going to Yogurt Mountain.
Pasco: What living! 
me: It’s good, you get to make it yourself.
Pasco: Jo, I think we need to find you a hobby.
me: You select your flavors and add all the toppings and then they charge you by the ounce.
Pasco: How about your guitar; have you picked it up lately?
me: They’re open until midnight on weekends.
Pasco: Look, I’ll cover the cost of new strings.