I am the type of person who will either:

1) Remove two items that I actually don’t want to part with solely so that I can fit in the “10 items or less” line

2) Walk around the store for 15 extra minutes finding items I didn’t realize I wanted the first time around, solely so that when I pull into the over-ten-items aisle, I won’t feel like I’m wasting my time waiting behind the person with two grocery carts. 

I’m fully aware that:

1) Removing two items I’m going to want later will result in an extra trip eventually, thus defeating the purpose of saving time at the quickie register.

2) Buying more groceries wastes more time, money, and I still have to stand in line just as long… only I’m leaving later because I didn’t get in line in the first place.

I’m fully aware of all of this as I’m standing there evaluating cash registers… and yet, I’ve discovered I’m that type anyway.