Leisel: Ohmigah, have you heard the song “Blue Jeans?”
Leisel: ‘Cause it’s totally your song. I think you wrote this song.

So… I’m expecting to be in love with this song because A) Leisel loves it and B) It makes her think of me, so OBVS it’s going to be fabulous….but then she turns it on. And it’s some weird concoction of hip hop and country. And after listening to it like 20 times while I write this post, I’ve decided it’s not that I don’t like it (although that was my response the first 10 times…I think now I’m just worn out and so it amuses me)…I’m just primarily confused. I don’t know whether to line dance or do that little jiggly butt thing you see in rap videos. BECAUSE YOU CAN’T DO BOTH (but who are we kidding, I can’t do either). And while I may hail from GA, wear boots, and live in jeans….I do not say “dope” or “fly.” I just don’t.

Now, I could show you the video I found where Miss James sings it personally, but she’s actually quite gorgeous (in an annoying she-knows-it kinda way) and sings very well and it distracts from the ridiculousness. So allow me to share this fan video that makes me laugh and cringe for two reasons: 1) So much time must have gone into this. 2) There is a blatantly misspelled word that cracks me UP. Points if you can find it. 

Now, Leisel, if you want to know the Blue Jeans song I have always loved and adored, I will share it with you. This is the song I used to play over and over again and pretend it was about me. Which is absolutely mortifying to admit. But if a blog isn’t about full disclosure, then really, what’s the point. 

Annnnd this is probably video overkill, but just throwing this one in for fun. Because I think Leisel will love Ozgur. Don’t deny the love connection, Leisel. He is tot meant to be your new lovahhhh.