Tuesday night is card night in 2601. My roommate Leisel, along with two other friends I haven’t thought up good enough alias’ for, come over and play a fantastic game called Peanuts. And we play for hours. As in, 6-9, straight up Peanuts. It is swell. 

Also swell? They decided for my birthday to get Thin Mint DQ Blizzards to celebrate.

“What is a DQ Blizzard?” I ask naively. 
“The reason for living,” they tell me sincerely. 

Oh. Em. Gee. This thing is flipping amazing. 

DQ Blizzard

I’ll be honest, I’m not that crazy about ice cream. It’s good now and then. However, I nearly went into convulsive fits over convincing my mother one box of Girl Scout cookies would simply not last and it was necessary to purchase at least six boxesThin Mints being my cookie of choice. I. Love. Them. And I love the DQ Thin Mint Blizzard. Love, love, love, love, love.

“We should make card night ‘Card night and DQ Blizzard night,'” I say over mouthfuls of perfection. “Or is once a week too much?”

“Uhhh, I was thinking about getting this every day–it’s only a limited time thing for DQ,” Leisel says with fervor. 

“Uhh….no way, these things have got to be awful for you,” I say, because I am the token bearer of bad news for pretty much every conversation I take part in. 

The girls all shake their heads vehemently that I am wrong, that something that tastes this good surely can’t be bad. I go along with that philosophy pretty readily because oh-my-goodness-I-just-found-a-bite-with-half-a-Thin-Mint-cookie-in-it.

So later that night, while I’m on the phone with a friend who probably wants to talk about life and things that matter, I am naturally dominating the conversation with my newfound obsession–the DQ Thin Mint Blizzard. “Uhh, are you serious?” he asks with disgust. “Do you realize the amount of sugar in that thing? Are you aware that treat you’re drooling over has the equivalent of two sticks of butter?”

You jest. Surely not. That would ruin everything.

Well, folks, I looked it up. A medium Thin Mint Blizzard (getting a small is pointless) has :

760 calories
26 grams of fat
18 grams of saturated fat
55 mg of cholesterol
118 carbs

It’s truly horrifying. It is. But I’m going to be honest, my love is so strong that I look at those numbers and go ehhhh. It’s not terrible if I eat it instead of eating a meal…or two…

BUT! One stick of butter has:

810 calories
91 grams of fat
58 grams of saturated fat
243 mg of cholesterol 

Aaaaha! IT IS NOT AS BAD AS ONE STICK OF BUTTER (although it is true the large has more calories than one stick of butter). And it has 15 grams of protein, to boot. It’s practically a nutrition shake. Butter, on the other hand, I may begin to treat like an evil substance. Only probably not because I love that, too. 

Moral of the story? Life is no fun without butter or cookies or the occasional DQ. I say all things in moderation. The Girl Scout Blizzards are only available for a limited time, after all. I think I will allow myself one more before they go away and then just have to resolve to hit the gym at some point. Since I am probably on my way to being the fat kid because I definitely just dedicated an entire post to ice cream and cookies. 

But whatever. On that note, I think I’m going to go for a run walk.