Went to the doctor. My wrist is fine. Just a sprain, thank heavens. Apparently that cracking noise was my ligament ripping apart or something. I don’t know, I got lost in the jargon, but basically they were telling me I was fine. They did give me a fancy bandage to wear for a few days, though. I wore it all day and it appears I have two options: wrap it loosely and still feel pain (but have feeling in my hand), or wrap it securely enough that my wrist barely budges and therefore is pain free (but watch fingers turn purple and tingly). I’ve decided to alternate between the two to be fair to everyone.

The wrapped wrist thing is kind of a nuisance, but what I have been enjoying is the twinges of guilt emitting from my parents after they chose not to come to Birmingham on the weekend of my birthday to help me move (and therefore left me alone and vulnerable to injury as I tried to do everything by myself). Not that I’m bitter or anything.