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Last night I watched Pride & Prejudice (the latest version), totally crushed on Mr. Darcy, and generally wished I had fictional Elizabeth Bennett’s life. Somewhere along the line I realized what a dork I am. Wait, let me back up a bit:

My roomie requested we watch P&P because she heard it was good but just didn’t “get it”. As in, she’d seen the movie 5 or 6 times but couldn’t understand a word they were saying, what with all that 19th century England crap, and therefore couldn’t say a single thing about the entire film except “When does that hot guy with the ponytail come on?” And so (per her request) throughout the movie I basically dubbed  my own version of CliffNotes over the dialogue. I explained the plot, the dialogue, the stolen glances…complete with helpful trivia here and there about English customs and the like to help truly give an all-encompassing idea of what really is going on in this truly fabulous, fictional, wish-it-were-my-life story. And I relished every flipping minute of it. And vowed to read the book again because 10 times just isn’t enough. And THEN I realized what a dork I am (my roomie is now painfully aware of the fact as well). 

So tonight I was happy to discover that I was in good company (one of my old high school classmates, no less). My list of favorite reads is soon to come. Right after I take a couple puffs of my inhaler and find my reading glasses.