me: Hey, Papa
Pasco: Hey Jo, how you?
me: I fine, how you? 
Pasco: Fine, just saw ya called. Is there anything I can do for you, my dear?
me: Well, actually…yes. I have three weddings to buy gifts for and I didn’t exactly work them into my budget.  
Pasco: Yeah, whatcha point.
me: Um, well…could you maybe help me a little bit?… Maybe?…Justa lil’ bit?
Pasco: Yeah, Jo, I think I could manage that.
Pasco: Besides, the way this works is, you gives ’em nice gifts and then when it’s your turn, they return the favah. 
me: Uh…okay. Well, I guess, I dunno…I just wanted to–
Pasco: By the way, Jo, you makin’ any progress in that department? 
me: …no.
Pasco: You tellin’ me you’ve got no one? Not even a speck in a telescope?
me: No, Dad. …Not even in a telescope.  
Pasco: Uh! What’s wrong with these boo-boo boys. You’re runnin’ outta time, Josie Jane. You ain’t gettin’ any younga, ya know.
me: Dad…
Pasco: Pretty soon, all yous gonna have left to pick from is leftovahs.
me: Dad…
Papa: Heh, heh. I’m just sayin’, is all.
me: Okay, Papa. Well. You said it.