friend: if i lose my looks, then what do i have?
              i need to get motivated
              i was doing well on eating this week until tonight

me: yesterday was my downfall
        but really, its been a few weeks, who am i kidding.

friend: its just not a good idea for me to eat like, 4 nuts for lunch because then i eat a pound of pasta and cheese for dinner and wash it down with a salty margarita.

me: um hello, YES! I got Zoe’s instead of Moe’s for lunch, then had a bowl of cereal for an early dinner, patted myself on the back….then baked a tray of cookies and ate like half of them.

friend: cookies dont count

me: um, no, i dont COUNT the cookies I eat….and then they end up ON MY ASS.

friend: i can pinch my tummy and make it look like a roll of cookie dough…

me: so…workout buddies?

friend: um, yes.