I got in bed (rather proud of myself) at 10 p.m. That was awhile ago. I’m not sure how, precisely, but somehow my roomie walked in to say something in passing…and we got into a two hour long walk down memory lane regarding the childhood toys and tv shows that warmed our hearts. Now, I’m all of 23 years old so forgive me for sounding like a senior citizen, but they just don’t make tv like they used to. Spongebob and Hannah Montana just don’t compare. Excuse me while I take out my dentures. 

Just to send a little wave of nostalgia your way, here is a list of things I remember from childhood…forgive the strong female presence in this list (especially the toys)…can’t help. I didn’t bother linking the ones I figure everyone knows because I simply don’t care to take all that time away from the sleep that beckons me.  You’ve got that newfangled Youtube, you know how to use it. 

Good Television Fun:
Fraggle Rock: Red was my fav, handsdown. 
Under the Umbrella Tree: No one seems to remember this show but me. But I loved it. Watched it everyday after school, while dunking Fudge Striped cookies into a cold glass of milk…loved it.  
David the Gnome: David the gnome and his wife die in the last episode…did you know that?! Whoops, did I just spoil the ending? Youtube it. True story.
Gummi Bears: …”Bouncing here and there and everywhere…”
Rainbow Brite: I had Starlite (Rainbow Brite’s horse) and let a neighbor “borrow” it for the day. I went to retrieve it and she returned with all of it’s rainbow mane chopped off…I was very big about it until I got home. Then I cried. Scarred for life, I tell you.
Grimms Fairy Tale Classics
My Little Pony: Ahhhh, I wanted to be in their world so desperately. Talking, pastel ponies? Yesssss!
Pound Puppies
Eureeka’s Castle
Care Bears
Muppet Babies
Reading Rainbow
Inspector Gadget

Growing Older…
Hey Dude
Clarissa Explains It All
Salute Your Shorts:  My mother wouldn’t let me watch this show because it said “fart” in the opening line. But I snuck in an episode here and there. Sorry, Mom.
Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Confession- I was too much of a pansy to watch this show. Probably still am. 
SNICK in general, c’mon. The big orange couch!!
My Brother & Me
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego: Rockapella, hello! Who else had the computer game?

Movie Magic:
My Little Pony the Movie
Mother Goose Rock & Rhyme: Anyone remember? Anyone? I seem to be the only one!
Disney Sing Along Songs: Magical. 
The Neverending Story 
Pete’s Dragon
Pretty much any Disney animated movie. Back before computer animation. PS: There is a new one coming out and I am so there. Wanna come with me?

Must Have Toys:
Little Miss Singing Mermaid
Puppy Surprise
Skip It
Big Brother/Big Sister
The Littlest Pet Shop: Back when little toys were actually little. Choking hazard, schmoking hazard. 
Polly Pocket: Seriously, look her up in the toy section. Girl has grown. Much too big to have her Polly Pocket world fit into a compact. No Pocket = no fun. 
Treasure Trolls: Both the jeweled and the unjeweled bellybutton variety. 

And if you really want to feel eons old…my rooms brought up the entire issue of enclycopedias…and how back in the day, if you wanted to look something up…that was your point of reference. You had to go look it up in the book. None of this Google. None of this Wikipedia. And if that didn’t give you enough information…you had to go to the library and look it up in the CARD CATALOG. Doesn’t that blow your mind to think about? What’s that you say? Sorry, you’ll have to say that a little louder, dear, in my good ear.