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One of my fabulous co-workers at flower introduced me to this song and I immediately took to watching the video nearly everyday. The lyrics are hilariously disturbing, the singer is delightfully twitchy, and the music is put the windows down and sing along catchy. Now, I want to share the joy with you. You must listen carefully to fully experience. The song is called “Night Vision Binoculars”, if that gives you any idea of what you’re in for. Extra things I notice: the guy on what I believe is called a double bass is a cutie; I like the girl’s boots. 

This is the only stalker song on their cd…and I like almost all the other non-creeper songs on it. Current favorites: Wicked Man’s Rest and Things You’ve Never Done. Far deviation from my primarily country tastes, but there is something I just like about them. They also did a cover on Rihanna’s song “Umbrella” which definitely has to be listened to twice. Once to stop cringing and delete Rihanna from your memory. Twice to realize what a pretty song it suddenly becomes. You can listen to many of their songs on their website if you’re so inclined:


 So there. Not that you asked.