So…my little dog has developed quite a barking problem when she encounters strangers. It really is a nuisance and drives me crazy. She sounds very vicious, but she is not…the second she gets close enough she turns sweet as pie…but I’m the only one who is aware of this fact as we walk down the street.

Today I was in a little bit of a foul mood. Although the sun is shining bright here, my own little black rain cloud hung temporarily above my head. A pair of little girls were hanging off their back porch being silly and sassing and teasing my admittedly scruffy dog as we walked by. As soon as Mia took notice of them, she started barking and growling in her very vicious sounding terrier way. In an instant both girls were quiet and scrambling back onto their porch in healthy respect. One might have started crying.

It’s not funny, I know it’s not.

But a little bit it is.

I am working on controlling the barking and I know the importance of a well socialized dog… but for today it was nice to let Mia do my snapping for me.