There’s that chain mail thing going around Facebook asking you to write 25 things about your habits, likes, dislikes, and everyday random facts yourself. I’ve been tagged a few times and enjoy reading everyone else’s, but I created my blog for the distinct purpose of not having to post notes on Facebook anymore. I like to write and do so with the intention of it being read, but always feel like I’m forcing myself on people when it sends out en masse to everyone’s mini feed. So, while I want to avoid joining the current chain mail craze, I couldn’t resist it entirely. Posting it here seemed like a good compromise. However, twenty-five facts is a lot. So here are ten. I’ll do this one in increments.

1) I hate cotton. No, I am not bothered by the t-shirt and socks I’m wearing, but YES, cotton balls, q-tips, and cotton bolls in a cotton field: hate hate hate. In the past I’ve used the term “phobia”…it’s not a debilitating fear, though. I can talk about it, mostly. It’s more like an “I will hurt you if you bring that any closer to me” kind of thing. I get shivers up and down my body, break out into goosebumps, and have been known to drop to the floor. But I won’t run away in fear. Anymore. Usually.

2) I’m a sucker. I may know you’re a junkie who’s working that street everyday for a bit of spare change for that “bus ticket”, and I know I shouldn’t encourage you, but if you look me in the eye and ask for money, odds are my wallet is coming out. Even more so for animals. Don’t get me started. I can’t count how many I’ve taken in over the years, much to my parents’ exasperation. In fact, I brought home a new puppy yesterday. Her name is Mia. I love her in spite of the fact she peed on me about an hour ago.

3) In my wallet I have a ticket from an Auburn game dated Saturday, November 9, 2002. I’m not sure why. I believe it may have been the first college game I‘d ever been to; I went with Elizabeth Johnson and Lindsey Ferguson and had a great time, which may have been why I saved it. Then again, it just as easily could be a ticket from some old game and I simply was always too lazy to throw it away. In any case, it’s lasted so long now I don’t have the heart to get rid of it. I get randomly sentimental like that.

4) I have a journal I’ve kept since high school. I haven’t written in it regularly in over a year, but now and then I try to make one big entry that attempts to sum up all the events that have happened in the time I’ve failed to write. This usually doesn’t work very well, but I keep thinking one day I’ll be happy I tried. So far, though, reading back through the pages doesn’t give me a warm, glowy feeling of nostalgia, but rather makes me cringe with awkward inner humiliation. I’ve been pretty ridiculous more than once. Apparently for the entire duration of ages 18 through 20. I’d laugh and mock mercilessly if they weren’t my own entries. Instead I just inwardly die of mortification that I can be so dramatic.

5) I am not a risk taker. At all. Even a little bit. And if I ever do try to step out of that for a little while, it always backfires, always. Murphy’s law hovers over me like a little black rain cloud. It colors my perspective a bit.

6) I am an idealist at heart.

7) I am a creature of habit. For instance, in restaurants I typically order the same thing every time I go. In high school I frequented a little Italian restaurant at the edge of my subdivision. There, I always ordered ravioli and it didn’t take long for the cooks to start shouting out “Josie Ravioli!” when I walked in. Then one day I decided to switch it up and started ordering a pizza called “the Red and White”. They had to change my name to “Josie Red and White”, which never seemed to have quite the same ring. Probably because I hate change.

8 ) I have a tendency to shred my napkin, the paper covering my straw, labels on my drink, and the cardboard cup holders on my coffee. I like to tear them into teensy weensy pieces and then put them all in a little pile. I’ve had this habit since I was a little girl and have memories of it driving my mother absolutely up the wall. Which is probably why I did it.

9) I was named for my grandmother, Josephine. However, my mother didn’t want people to call me Josephine and so my birth certificate just says “Josie” so it wouldn’t come up on a roll call in class. I wish my name were Josephine.

10) I love milk. Typically, I drink a gallon in three to four days. Anything but skim. Although in a crunch, I’ll drink that too.