“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” I always resonated with that little bit of wisdom because I was very particular about chocolates. In fact, I only liked the chocolate covered caramels, no nuts. If you’ve ever navigated your way through a box of assorted chocolates, you’d understand the problem with this- there are maybe two such chocolates in the entire box and I absolutely refused to eat any other variety. When I was younger I originally opted for the pinch test- if, after sticking my finger into the chocolate I found that it was not the one I wanted, I recklessly went on pinching through the box until I struck creamy, caramelly gold. When my parents pointed out the uncouthness of this method, I graduated to more sophisticated measures. Once I was able to wield a knife, I took to cutting the chocolates in half, then sticking the rejects back together before returning them to their paper trays. When my mother once again voiced her displeasure over my chocolate surgeries, it became apparent I would have to get creative to get what I wanted. Toothpicks, if you were wondering, are a good way to subtly poke a hole into the bottom of the chocolate covered candy in question. A little bit of the filling will stick to the pick, and there you have it. Mystery solved. And since no one typically checks the bottom of their chocolate, there is no one to yell at you for placing your grubby hands all over the candy before leaving it behind for someone else to eat. Voila. Rest assured, I don’t go to such great lengths anymore. Now I simply eat the chocolate. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t.

I was going to use this as an intro to how my Christmas with the Caps was this year, but for now I’m bored with blogging. So that can be the next post. If I feel like it. You never know.